Universal Double Sided Wood Fire

With a Jetmaster Universal Double-Sided open fireplace you can create an eye-catching feature, heat two rooms simultaneously, or create a freestanding feature with an exposed flue.

Whatever the application, a Jetmaster Universal Double-Sided wood fireplace provides generous radiant and convection heat.

Available in two sizes, 700 or 1050, conforming to current wood burning specification, the Universal Double-Sided Wood Fireplace offers a wide range of design possibilities that can suit any space.



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Universal double sided open wood fireplace


  • Simultaneously heat two rooms: with Jetmasters two-way radiant and convection heat. You are effectively able to distribute warmth to two separate rooms at the same time. This can be advantageous in larger homes or spaces where maintaining consistent temperatures across multiple areas is desired.
  • Design Flexibility for the other side: With Jetmasters Universal double-sided fireplaces, you have the ultimate freedom to design either side to suit your aesthetic.
  • Radiant and convection heat exchange: Please refer to the manual for information on the heat exchange.
  • Long-Term Reliability: Each Jetmaster fireplace comes with an unconditionally guaranteed 15-year warranty, offering peace of mind that your investment is protected and will continue to perform beautifully.


Double Sided Specs

Heating Capacity

Wood 60 Sqm

Firebox Sizing

A 850
B 800
C 610
D 700
E 220
F 345

Heating Capacity

Wood 80 Sqm

Firebox Sizing

A 1205
B 1150
C 600
D 680
E 233
F 455


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