Q. Why is my fireplace not responding to the remote?

A1. The remote may have flat batteries – please replace and try again.

A2. The remote has a child lock setting which may be enabled – hold down the RED on/off button for 5 seconds or so. The screen should light up which enables the remote.

A3. The fireplace may be in lock-out. This is a safety feature built into the unit. Reset your isolation switch and try again.

A4. The remote may have fallen out of sync with the fireplace, please re-sync the remote to the fireplace and try again.

A5. If you have done all of the above steps, please fill out a service form and we will organise for a technician to contact you.

Q. Why is the fan not turning on?

A1. The fan has an inbuilt delay of 3 minutes – some of the original units may have a delay of up to 7 minutes.

A2. If it is a brand new unit, the fan has to be programmed to turn on. Using the remote, turn the fan off and back on again. You may need to do this twice or so.

Q. Why is my fireplace turning off by itself?

A1. The thermostat setting on the remote may be turned ON. This will turn the fireplace off after the room has reached a certain temperature. Turn the thermostat setting off on the remote and try again (refer to remote instructions).

A2. The fireplace may be going into lock-out. This is a safety feature built into the fireplace so that if it detects a fault or possible issue, it will turn itself off. Reset the unit via the isolation switch and try again.

Q. How to light my Kemlan Celestial Fireplace

Things you will need first:

  • Dry Hard Wood
  • Kindling
  • Firelighters
  • Newspaper


  1. Firstly open the door to allow enough access to the fireplace.
  2. Place firelighters so they are evenly spaced across the base of fireplace.
  3. Then use old scrunched up newspaper and place over the firelighters.
  4. Now space kindling evenly over the newspaper, layering at alternate angles.
  5. Next position the dry hard wood on top of the kindling.
  6. Ensure the wood is fully contained in the fireplace by closing the door.
  7. Being by lighting the newspaper at the bottom of the wood stack.
  8. Once newspaper is lit, close the door.
  9. Check the vent is open (positioned left).
  10. Now leave closed and let the fire take.

Reloading the fire:

  1. Using a safety glove open the door using caution.
  2. Carefully reload the fire with dry hard wood so it is full.
  3. Now close the door.
Q. Can I put a TV above my fire?

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