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Polaris 1000E

The Polaris electric range offers a stunning ultra-realistic flame, which has been achieved by carefully modelling the fuel bed from actual logs sourced from woodlands.

The 1000E is the middle-sized Polaris fire that like the others can be installed in many ways; one sided, two sided or three sided.

This compact and versatile electric fireplace can be styled with flat black or stainless-steel trims

You can create a fire look, which is completely unique. Whether that’s toning down the flames to showing red-hot embers on the fire bed, or maybe you want a strong, fast flame (there are 5 flame speeds) to warm a room on a cold evening – it’s totally up to you.


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Charlton & Jenrick Polaris 1000E electric fireplace


  • Realistic Flame Effect: Enjoy a lifelike flame effect with our fireplace, offering a choice of 3 flame colors to suit your mood and decor. The flames can be adjusted across 5 different speeds, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in your living space.
  • Active Glowing Ember Fuel Bed: Enhance the realism of your fireplace with an active glowing ember fuel bed featuring 5 brightness settings. Choose from 13 different colors for the ember bed, including a setting that cycles through all options, providing versatility and visual appeal.
  • Hand-Painted Logs: Each set of logs is hand-painted as standard, ensuring a genuinely realistic appearance. No logs are repeated within a set, contributing to the authentic look of a traditional wood-burning fireplace.
  • Fuel Bed with Embers and Bark: The fuel bed includes embers and bark, adding to the authenticity and charm of your fireplace. This feature enhances the visual appeal and creates a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a real wood fire.
  • LED Technology: Benefit from low running costs and long-lasting usage with LED technology integrated into our fireplace. LED lights are energy-efficient and provide extended lifespan, ensuring economical operation without compromising on performance.
  • Anti-Reflective Window: Enjoy clear views of the flames with an anti-reflective window on the front and sides of the fireplace as standard. This feature minimizes glare and enhances the visual impact of your fireplace’s ambiance.
  • Accurate Room Temperature Control: Maintain precise room temperature control with a remote thermostat included in the hand remote. Adjust heating levels according to your comfort preferences, ensuring a cozy environment throughout the day.
  • 1-2kW Adaptive Control: Experience adaptive control with onboard energy management, allowing the fireplace to automatically adjust between 1-2kW based on heating requirements. This feature optimizes energy efficiency while providing sufficient warmth as needed.
  • Daily and 7-Day Programmable Heating: Customize heating schedules with daily and 7-day programmable options, offering convenience and flexibility to suit your lifestyle and routine.
  • Market-Leading 5-Year Warranty: Rest assured with our market-leading 5-year warranty, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This warranty provides peace of mind, covering your fireplace against manufacturing defects and ensuring long-term reliability.

Charlton & Jenrick


Firebox Sizing

A 1032
B 1000
C 633
D 400
E 110
F 325
G 220
H 315
I 15


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