Natural vs Power-Assisted Balanced Flue

Since Heat n Glo revolutionised the fireplace industry in 1989 with their Natural Balanced Flue Technology, many competitors have attempted to replicate their system, but it has proven to be a challenging task. As a shortcut, some competitors have added fans to their flues to assist in a process that Heat n Glo flues are designed to perform naturally.

Fan-assisted or power-balanced flue systems typically consist of two flexible pipes: one for expelling emissions and the other for drawing fresh air into the combustion chamber. However, the inclusion of fans introduces a serviceable component that customers will inevitably need to maintain or replace over time, resulting in ongoing costs. The flexible pipes used in these systems are also prone to tearing during installation due to their thin aluminium construction. Consequently, the warranty for fan-assisted flue systems typically ranges from 1 to 2 years only.

In contrast, Natural Balanced Flue systems operate without fan assistance. These systems employ rigid co-liners with a diameter of either 170mm or 200mm, featuring a stainless-steel inner and a galvanised aluminium outer for durability. The draw of fresh air and the expulsion of emissions occur naturally, without the need for mechanical components that require servicing. This results in a completely quiet operation and provides customers with the peace of mind of state-of-the-art technology and no ongoing service and maintenance costs. At Jetmaster Fireplaces, we have utmost confidence in the longevity of our flue and non-fan terminations, offering a 10 year warranty on these.

For customers, architects and specifiers alike, it is crucial to consider not only maintenance, warranty and installation complexity for glass-fronted fireplaces, but also the aesthetic realism and effect of the burning picture of the fire. Natural draft systems have enabled high heat and realistic flame patterns that we urge you to compare with powered flue systems.

When purchasing or specifying your next glass-fronted gas fire, don’t settle for second best! Demand low maintenance and the best warranty available in Australia. Demand Heat n Glo. Explore the complete range of Heat n Glo gas fireplaces online or visit your nearest showroom.

Watch the below video to get a better understanding of the difference between a natural balanced flue system and a power assisted flue system.

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