Can I put a TV above my fireplace?

Yes, you can put a TV above a fireplace, but there are important considerations to keep in mind before doing so!

Firstly, heat is a significant factor. Fireplaces generate heat, and if the TV is exposed to prolonged periods of high temperatures, it can potentially damage the electronics. It’s essential to ensure that the TV is adequately protected from the heat.

Another consideration is the viewing angle. Mounting a TV too high above the fireplace can strain the neck and eyes, leading to discomfort during viewing.

Additionally, the aesthetics of the room should be considered. While a TV above a fireplace can save space, it might take away some of the focus from the fireplace itself.

When considering placing a TV above a fireplace, certain types of fireplaces are more suitable due to their lower heat output and design features.

Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces do not require clearance to a TV above.

Lower Heat Output: Electric fireplaces typically produce less heat compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Since they use electricity to generate heat, the temperature they generate is usually lower and more controlled. This reduces the risk of heat damage to the TV mounted above.

No Open Flames: Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces don’t produce open flames. Instead they use LED lights or infrared elements to mimic the appearance of flames. Without open flames, there is a lower risk of heat damage to the TV or any other electronics nearby.

Adjustable Heat Settings: Most electric fireplaces come with adjustable heat settings, allowing you to control the temperature output. This flexibility enables you to reduce the heat output further if necessary, providing added safety when mourning a TV above.

Cool-to-the-Touch-Exterior: The exterior surface of an electric fireplace typically remains cool to the touch even when in operation. This feature further minimises the risk of heat transfer to the TV or surrounding objects.

No Emissions or Venting Required: Electric fireplaces don’t emit gases or require venting, making them easier to install in various locations, including underneath a TV.

Gas Fireplaces

Heat Management: Gas fireplaces produce heat, and the area above the fireplace can become quite warm during operation. To prevent heat damage to the TV, it’s crucial to ensure the TV is adequately protected from the heat. This can be achieved by using a heat shield or mantel above the fireplace to deflect heat away from the TV.

Mounting Height: The height at which the TV is mounted above the fireplace is critical to avoid any heat damage. Different gas fireplaces have different recommended clearances, so it’s important to follow correct installation instructions.

Recommended clearances for televisions above Gas Fireplaces

Top of appliance to underside of television

*Heat & Glo               350mm (Not Including Mezzo)

*Mezzo Range          460mm

*Horizon Range        250mm (Including Cantilever)

Panoramic outdoor is not recommended for a TV above.



  • Jetmaster Fireplaces or any other fireplace manufacturer will not warrant the television above the fireplace
  • Custom heat deflectors can be supplied by Jetmaster at no charge, if the customer wants to reduce the radiant heat temperature to the underside of the television

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