BASIX’s favourable new rating for wood burning heaters now sees them as the preferred cost-effective solution for making a new building “compliant”. Recent updates to the BASIX on-line rating tool have given wood heaters a superior chance of achieving a BASIX certificate. BASIX, or the Building Sustainability Index, is an integral part of the planning system in NSW, whereby all new dwellings and alterations/additions over $50,000 in NSW must have a BASIX certificate before they can be approved by council.

BASIX is assessed online using the BASIX assessment tool. The tool checks elements of a proposed design against sustainability targets. And within the BASIX tool, the selected house heating system is rated for its greenhouse gas emissions.

This favourable new rating reflects the minimal greenhouse gas emissions produced by wood heating and in fact, wood heaters now achieve a superior score to alternate domestic heating options including 5 star gas heaters, 6 star reverse cycle air conditioners, and even ground source heat pumps.

Anyone wanting to build or renovate should seriously consider wood heating. Besides the unrivalled charm and warmth of a wood fire, wood heaters will now help them reach the minimum energy saving target set by BASIX.

Whether you are concerned by compliance or a sustainable future for all, or hopefully both, wood heaters are the obvious choice all round.