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Cathy Morrissey - The Reno Chick / The Renovation Academy

Bio: Cathy Morrissey is the CEO and founder of The Reno Chick and The Renovation Academy. She teaches entrepreneurial renovators how to Renovate Houses for Gain, that can result in creating 6 figure cosmetic renovations. Transforming homes, transforms lives. The Renovation Business Academy is for those that want to create a business with property as a vehicle.

Christine Segaert - Extra Mile Realty

Bio: Christine Segaert has more than 30 years of professional sales experience including new home construction and real estate. She is a Licensed Estate Agent and conceptualised Extra Mile Realty with her business partner in 2013, bringing a new real estate model to their marketplace.

Andrew Stone - Property Analytics

Bio: Andrew Stone is a director at Property Analytics, a real estate data analytics consultancy and licensed buyers’ agency.

Kristal Everingham - Pumped on Property

Bio: Pumped on Property is a boutique buyers agency that helps 7-10 new clients per month. Our goal is to help people achieve financial freedom through property investing, so they can do what they love... Full time.

Esther Lyndon-Jones - Move Out Mates

Bio: Esther Lyndon-Jones is a marketing executive and an associate at Move Out Mates - a professional end of lease and removals company operating in the NSW. Move Out Mates was recently featured in a book called The Australian Property Market where we commented on how to achieve the full market potential of your property. We comment from the perspective of people who often see the before and after image of a house and we know how a thorough cleaning could completely transform a property and lift the price up.

Kylie Charlton - Charlton King

Bio: Kylie Charlton is a leading real estate agent in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne. A highly successful and motivated business woman, Kylie is driven to achieve an outstanding customer experience and result for every client.

Zaki Ameer - Dream Design Property

Bio: Zaki Ameer is a property expert and the Founder of Dream Design Property (DDP), a unique wealth creation mentoring program that is designed to help Australians gain financial freedom, offering each client an ongoing personalised service catering to their changing circumstances and needs. DDP has helped its clients purchase nearly 800 properties and has recently launched Kickstart which is a distinctive and affordable program designed to provide Gen Y’s with much needed help to take their first step into the property market and cement their financial literacy.

Katrina Malyn - Design Projector

Bio: Designer Katrina Malyn started her building design business, Design Projector, in 2012, motivated by a desire to help people avoid common mistakes made when designing and building. Katrina specialises in creating houses with a view – even if there is no view. Examples of Katrina’s work can be found across Sydney, and range from under $500,000 to $1 million projects. Katrina has a Bachelor of Design in Architecture and a Masters in Linguistics. When not working with her building and design clients in Sydney, Katrina is often writing articles about design for leading newspapers, blogs and magazines.

Peter Taliangis - Professionals Ultimate

Bio: Using my years of experience to find people the homes of their dreams or their desired investment opportunity. Achieving great results and property appraisal for my customers ensuring the highest possible prices for their home or investment properties.

James Armstrong - Roman Blinds Direct

Bio: James Armstrong, Consultant for Roman Blinds Direct

Peter Sarmas - Street Advocate

Bio: Director Peter Sarmas has his finger on the property pulse daily, with nearly four thousand followers on social media. He has become responsible for informing property investors, consumers, property buyers and sellers about the day-to-day property market.

Kellie Tinnin - Kellie Tinnin

Bio: Kellie Tinnin is a real estate agent in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kellie offers a fresh perspective on the real estate industry, enjoys creatively marketing her properties and helping her clients' reach their real estate goals. Kellie enjoys blogging and writing about the humorous side of real estate in her city.

Brad Caldwell-Eyles - 1st City

Bio: Brad Caldwell-Eyles is principal of the 1st City Group with multiple offices within Sydney’s blue-ribbon eastern suburbs. He is a published commentator; speaker and sits upon various industry boards and panels. Follow him on Twitter at @bradceyles

Jo Powell - 3 Pea’s Property Styling

Bio: Jo Powell is Director & Stylist at 3 Pea’s Property Styling. A CPA qualified accountant, Jo uses her extensive experience in property development / renovation and understanding of the real estate market to advise and assist clients in preparing and presenting their homes for sale.

Kiki Bermudez - Mint360property

Bio: A keen and effective communicator, dedicated to the unique Mint360property ethos, Kiki offers her clients unparalleled and professional service, honest advice and commitment to achieving the best results in the exciting Sydney market.

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