Although Australian winters are considered mild, there are still a few months mid-year when the temperatures drop significantly low, meaning a good heater is still an essential part of every household. But why use a heater just to take the edge off the cold? That seems a waste when, if you look at Jetmaster’s range of heaters and fireplaces, you could have a heater that not only warms the household, but also looks beautiful and gives the room a comfortable and cozy ambience that makes staying indoors through the winter all the more pleasant.

There are several things to consider when selecting a heater for the house; do you want an open wood fireplace, or is an electric fireplace – which doesn’t consume fuel but still gives the impression of flickering flames – the better choice for your home? Do you need a chimney or flue, or is the heater for the ground floor of a multi-story building? Is the heater for a small room, where temperature control is important? Do you want a heater built into the wall, for that classic fireplace look, or even something freestanding that suits a modern design aesthetic? This guide is designed to help you understand the features and benefits to each kind of fireplace that we at Jetmaster carry, and make the decision about which one is right for you.

Open wood fireplaces

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Is there anything more comforting than a wood fire? Naturally produced warmth that comforts the entire body, and heat that doesn’t go out if something happens to the power – the flickering flames of a wood fire are a comforting addition to any home. Easy to retrofit into any room, with or without an existing fireplace, Jetmaster fireplaces are highly customisable to give you whatever effect you’re looking for, and our contemporary designs are sure to blend seamlessly with the rest of the room’s decor and aesthetics.

  • Freestanding Fires: Make the fireplace itself a central part of the room with a freestanding fireplace. Ideal for rooms with very high ceilings and large glass windows, freestanding fireplaces are distinctive, and easy to design a room around; choose where you want it in the room, and then position furniture around it so that everyone can enjoy the warmth together.
  • Double-Sided Open Fire: Want to create an impression with guests, while maximising the value of the fireplace? A double-sided fireplace will do that. You’ll be able to heat two rooms simultaneously, saving a great deal in heating costs, and additionally, the fireplace will be a distinctive feature that everyone in the house can enjoy. For more information on the benefits of a double sided fireplace, check out this article on our blog.
  • Inserts Fireplace: For a classical, beautiful look, consider an insert heater. Set into a wall, these heaters look contemporary and modern, and work well as inserts into any kind of wall material, whether it’s brick, stone, or otherwise. For more information on what inserts are for fireplaces, and why you might want to consider them, read this useful article.

Slow combustion fires

Slow combustion heaters are a classical alternative to a standard open wood fireplace, and are making a real resurgence in Australia due to a number of unique qualities that they offer households. As the name suggests, they burn through wood more slowly, which helps keep the heat going all night long, and even once the fire is out, the heater itself will continue to produce residual heat for a while afterwards.

Our Jetmaster slow combustion fires come in a variety of options, as with the open wood fires, to suit every house and taste.

  • Freestanding: From the understated elegance of the Celestial Freestander, through to the slick, curved, ultra-modern design of the Heat & Glo Radius Wood Heaters, our range of freestanding slow combustion heaters is extensive and suitable for all conditions.
  • Inserts: We also carry a wide range of different insert slow combustion heaters, so whether your interior walls are made of brick, stone, or any other material, or if you’ve got an existing fireplace or need to build a chimney from scratch, we have you covered.
  • Double-Sided: Double-sided heaters are incredible to look at, and have the added benefit of heating a far wider space than a conventional single-sided heater. If you’re able to insert one into a wall, they can heat two separate rooms, or alternatively, as a free-standing heater, you can look forward to 360 degree warmth throughout the home.

Gas heaters

Gas Heaters offer superb warmth with the look and feel of a wood heater, while also being easy to use and maintain, as they don’t require that you keep up a stock of wood for burning. At Jetmaster, we offer an extensive range of gas heaters to suit every home design and taste.

  • Heat & Glo Balanced Flue: These are Australia’s most popular gas fireplaces, thanks to their incredible alikeness to a wood fire, along with the efficiency of being able to turn them on and off with the flick of a switch. These gas burners are the perfect heating option for double storey buildings, as there is a back venting option that circumvents the need for a chimney. Our range extends from a classical style that suits homes with a more vintage decor, through to a stylish ‘see through’ double-sided fireplace that can heat two rooms simultaneously.
  • Jetmaster Open Gas: These classically beautiful gas heaters come in all the standard options – freestanding, insert, and double-sided – and have been designed to be versatile and easily converted. Our range includes high variable gas log, coal, or pebble fires too, so no matter what kind of material works for your home, you’ll be covered with this range.
  • Horizon Open Decorative: With a floating burner, hidden controls, and a slimline design, the Horizon Open Decorative is the range that our customers choose when they’re looking for pure elegance. Some of the technical trickery that this range allows includes low profiles, as well as three sided fireplaces that give the impression that the flame is floating. Whatever you choose from this range, you’ll be making a real impression on anyone that comes to your home… all while the high variable heat settings allow you to keep the room toasty warm.
  • Gas Burners: With a gas burner from Jetmaster, you get access to the ambience of wood fire without having to deal with the maintenance of it. Our gas burners are so advanced that many mistake them for genuine wood or coal fires, but with the added advantage of being turned on and off with the flick of a switch. Furthermore, most of our gas burners are operable via a wall switch or remote control for even more convenience. Our range of gas burners runs from small to large and classic to modern in style, to suit any room or building.

Electric fireplaces

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Electric fireplaces are the most convenient of all. In addition to being able to provide instant heat, an electric fireplace doesn’t require a flue, so installation is a snap, and they can easily be installed anywhere by mounting them on a wall. They’re also useful in that the heat they produce can be controlled, and therefore can be used to heat smaller areas that would be too warm with stronger heaters – bedrooms, dining rooms and the like.

Having an electric heater doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the visual experience that is half the appeal of a fireplace. More and more people are coming to Jetmaster for our beautiful electric fireplaces, that offer all the convenience, while looking every bit like a wood or gas heater.

  • In-Built Electric Fire: For people who are looking for a classical “fireplace” look, an in-built electric fireplace achieves this by having the fireplace surrounded with bricks or stone, and set into the wall. These heaters come with a host of great features, including the ability to select the colour of the flame – from a hot amber to a cool, relaxing blue – the ability to switch the heat off but keep the flame for ambience, and a sleep timer so you can enjoy the warmth at just the right time for waking up.
  • Linear Electric Fire: For something completely different, the wall mounted electric fireplace is certainly something distinctive and unique, and will draw the attention of anyone that enters the room. Hung on a wall like a painting, the warmth and active flame effect that the device creates is as effective as any heater, and with the ability to use LED lights to backlight the wall behind the heater, you’ll be able to create whatever ambient effect that you might want to.

If you’re still unsure about which fireplace is right for you and your home, feel free to contact our friendly team at Jetmaster. We have experts in all types of fireplaces and make it our mission to find the right fireplace for your home. That way, you can get on with enjoying warmth and comfort throughout every winter, for decades to come.