I25-X enclosed gas fireplace insert

Heat & Glo

Heat & Glo – I25-X Insert

You don’t have to sacrifice the warmth and glow of a wood burning fireplace for the simplicity and ease of gas.

No more drafty, dated fireplace with messy maintenance, soot and smoke.

Heat & Glo gas inserts fit inside an existing masonry or manufactured wood burning fireplace, providing an instant upgrade.

The I25-X can also be built into a new fireplace application using hebel block or timber frame when using the I25-X Zero Clearance kit.

Warm up to greater performance, safety and convenience.


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I25-X enclosed gas fireplace insert


    • High Definition Log Set: The high definition log set enhances the realism of the fireplace, providing a lifelike appearance that mimics the look of traditional wood-burning fires. This feature adds to the aesthetic appeal and ambiance of the room.
    • 3-Speed Fan for Powerful Convection Heating: The inclusion of a 3-speed fan enhances the fireplace’s heating efficiency by circulating warm air throughout the room. This helps to distribute heat evenly and quickly, ensuring a comfortable environment.
    • IntelliFire Remote Control: The IntelliFire remote allows convenient control over flame height and fan speed, offering users the ability to adjust settings from the comfort of their seat. This enhances usability and makes it easy to customize the fireplace experience.
    • Optional Glass Liners for Deeper Firebox Appearance: Optional glass liners provide a stylish enhancement to the firebox, creating a deeper visual effect that adds depth and sophistication to the fireplace’s design.
    • Zero Clearance Kit Installation Option: The availability of a zero clearance kit makes installation easier and more versatile. This option allows the fireplace to be installed in locations where traditional venting or clearance requirements may be challenging to meet.
    • Available on Natural Gas or LPG: The flexibility to choose between natural gas or LPG (propane) ensures compatibility with different fuel sources, accommodating varying preferences and installation setups.
    • Glass Reflective Liners: Glass reflective liners enhance the appearance of the flames by reflecting light, creating a mesmerizing effect that amplifies the beauty of the fire.

All Heat & Glo fires are provided with a standard anti reflective mesh safety screen.

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Heat & Glo

I25-X Insert

Firebox Sizing

A 372
B 664
C 572
D 316
E 433
F 422
G 368
H 186
I 381
J 144
K 149
L 229
M 222
N 54
O 103
P 146
Q 222
R 62

Gas Input

Nat 28 mjh
LPG 28 mjh

Heat Output

Nat 5.1 kWh
LPG 5.1 kWh

Zero Clearance Kit Installation Manual


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