When Jetmaster was first introduced into Australia in 1980 it revolutionised the open wood fireplace market. Australians were previously putting up with inefficient, costly and smoky brick fireplaces. Jetmaster changed the landscape with a simple, universal prefabricated firebox kit that required minimal brick work, was designed not to smoke and provided far more heat than a conventional fireplace.

Architects continue to love the versatility while builders appreciate the ease of installation. Customers enjoy the heat ambience and minimal cleaning the Jetmaster fireplace offer.

With the increase in popularity of gas fires, Jetmaster introduced, pioneered and developed a stunning range of gas fires for their Universal firebox.




In 1992 Jetmaster introduced Heat & Glo – the first balanced flue gas fire into the Australian market – another revolution. These fires offer even more versatility with “straight out the back” venting options and various other horizontal and vertical flueing options. These fires also draw air from outside for burning, never taking oxygen or warmed air from the room – brilliant for indoor air quality.





In 2004 Jetmaster expanded into wood burning heaters with the Kemlan range. The C24 wood heater achieved a remarkable 68% efficiency and a clean 1.4gms/kg. Today it is still one of Australia’s cleanest burning wood heaters.

The Horizon gas fire range introduced in 2005 is a stunning range of decorative gas fires. They are just one more example of Jetmaster’s commitment to offering the best in gas and wood fire technology.




In 2012 Jetmaster introduced the Quadrafire Slow Combustion heater to the Australian market.

Quadrafire is one of the most established wood heaters manufactured and sold in the USA.  With over 30 years of history and the largest player in the US market it was the obvious choice for Jetmaster to compliment it stable of gas and wood fireplaces and heaters.

Quadrafire utilizes its patented Quad – Fire, Four Point Burn System which produces intense rolling flames.  Four combustion cycles extend the heat, enhance the fire and increase efficiency for durable long-lasting performance.