This winter Australians have welcomed the Mezzo, a glorious fireplace boasting the most realistic flame patterns, LED lighting and heat zone technology. It’s elegant, clean, discreet and luxurious and it answers people’s needs for a gas fire with stunning aesthetic appeal and a truly efficient heating unit. You will fall in love with the long linear shape with a minimal & clean fascia, and this new Mezzo range is an industry first where you don’t have to choose between looks and heating performance.

Available in 3 sizes (1000mm, 1300mm in either single and double sided and the impressive 1600mm), the Mezzo can be customised with interior options to enhance your home’s décor and your own personal style. The trim has completely been redesigned, reduced from a minimum 100mm to a very discreet 25mm. Hence the fire now appears to float on your wall. The Mezzo includes outstanding features like floating flames across an illuminated bed of crushed glass combined with black high gloss interior and clear LED lighting adding depth and intensity to the fire.

Flames, lights, reflection and warmth combine to stimulate your senses. But looks aren’t everything. The Mezzo is a balanced flue gas fire with an impressive heating capacity, where the smallest unit can easily heat an average sized living room. The Mezzo radiates heat from the front of the unit, and the unit comes standard with a revolutionary Heat Transfer Kit, that takes some of the heat generated by your gas log fire and transfers it to another part of your home. So if you have a really large open plan area you can use a heat zone from your Mezzo to spread the warmth. Or you could place a vent into another room to supplement other heating sources. You also have the option to add a second heat transfer kit to the unit, making this unit the ideal choice for heating larger areas.

For more information about the Mezzo fine your nearest showroom in all regional centres and metro including sydney, melbourne, brisbane, adelaide and perth.