Jetmaster BBQ Recipe Collection
Barbeques are synonymous with Australian outdoor living; normally associated with warm summer days and ice old beers, barbques are the perfect centre point for al fresco entertainment. However, any grill fan will know that cold weather doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious, barbequed meal.

Stay warm around the BBQ this winter with a Jetmaster outdoor fireplace. Enjoy the radiant heat and ambience created by the Patio Horizon Outdoor gas fire as you entertain outdoors during the cooler months.


We have your entertainment and menu covered – check out our Jetmaster BBQ recipe book, a collection of 10 delicious and hearty meals that you can easily cook on your Jetmaster barbeque, allowing you to enjoy the chargrilled taste of summer with family and friends all year round.


The recipes are simple and involve minimal preparation time, so whether you’re a true grill master or not so culinarily inclined, the meals are suited to every level of experience.


Recipes include tasty winter favourites such as:


  • BBQ Pork Cutlets with Grilled Vegetables
  • Grilled Lamb Chops with Garlic and Rosemary
  • Barbeque Salt and Pepper Prawns with Avocado
  • Salmon Skewers with Lemon, Zucchini and Parsley.

Vegetarians rejoice – the barbeque can do so much more than just grill a good steak. That’s why we’ve included our delicious Barbecued Corn with Tomato and Almond Salad recipe, along with the classic Griddled Vegetables and Feta.


We will guide you through the process with helpful tips such as the best oils to use with your barbeque, how to cook the perfect steak, the best vegetables for grilling, and tips for cleaning your Jetmaster barbeque after you’re done.


There’s nothing better than family and friends coming together to share a deliciously grilled meal, so fire up the barbie, put your grilling skills to the test and try one of these recipes today. Stay warm and barbeque your way through the winter chills with Jetmaster’s complete outdoor entertainment solution.



For more tips on caring for your Jetmaster barbeque and preparing it for use, read this useful article.