Since the start of humanity, nothing has had the drawing power of the flame, the fire. Making fire to generate heat and light, and ultimately cook food. Today, despite all the modern conveniences at hand, the allure of the fire remains strong. Many people only encounter fires when camping in the bush, in the company of strangers. The campfire can be hypnotic, mesmerising and a source of sentimental enchantment.

Jetmaster’s TV campaign taps into the primal attraction of a fire. The commercial commences with an open-pit outdoor campfire. A half dozen people are congregated around the fire, chatting and keeping warm. As our hero man stares hypnotically into the fire, we transition to the Jetmaster showroom as he inspects a number of gas, open wood and slow combustion fires. We finally see him relaxing at home with his wife in front of his new Jetmaster fireplace.

Overall, the television commercial reinforces the wonderful range of Jetmaster fireplaces that can add style, value and warmth to your home. The campaign includes a 30 second and 15 second version and is running nationwide including Melbourne metro, country Victoria and country New South Wales.