Just because summer is on its way doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Luckily, in Australia we are blessed with a fairly mild winter, and so backyard entertaining can remain a year-round tradition. So whether you want to make the most of the summer months by hosting a barbeque, or you just want to curl up on the back deck during the cooler months, Jetmasters range of barbecues and outdoor fireplaces has something for everyone.

Jetmaster Firebox

Radiant outdoor heating and cooking all year round.

Redefine outdoor heating with the Jetmaster Firebox, our signature stainless steel radiant outdoor heater.

Available is both gas and wood powered variants, and with twelve unique sizes to suit any outdoor area, the Firebox can be installed with minimal brickwork for maximum enjoyment of your outdoor setting throughout the cooler months.

All Jetmaster Fireboxes use radiant heating as well as traditional convection heating to supply more efficient heat to the surroundings. With convection heating, the heated air rises to the ceiling and then falls, partially cooled, leading to wasted energy. With a Jetmaster Firebox, radiant heating directly heats objects and people, keeping everyone toasty and warm without excessive loss of heat.

The Jetmaster Firebox range also offers up plenty of flexibility and customisation to suit just about any need.  Fit it out with a log pan and BBQ grill and you have a recipe for backyard cooking success, or simply add a stainless steel door and you’ve got yourself an outdoor pizza oven that doubles as a winter heater.

Jetmaster Braai

Barbeque with the best on a Jetmaster Braai

Braai (pronounced bry) is Afrikaans for barbecue. From mouthwatering lamb roasts, to burgers or even a signature South African boerewors, the Jetmaster Braai can do it all. Now you can enjoy this great South African tradition (Australian style, of course) by cooking with your own personal outdoor braai.

Coming in a variety of sizes, from 700 mm right through to deluxe sized 1500 mm, your braai can be freestanding or built into an exterior wall to suit your needs. Each 1000 braai comes with several features as standard, including a nickel plated grill, charcoal starter and tray, outer box, light fitting, door and charcoal tray.

When the evenings cool down, the Jetmaster Braai is the perfect companion for keeping things toasty and warm. Charcoal briquets provide long term heating with minimum of fuss, while the built in flue disposes of smoke for indoor comfort.

Enjoy barbecue the way it’s supposed to be cooked with a Jetmaster Braai.

Jetmaster Gas Burners

Ambience and portability without the fuss

Gas burners provide a flexible approach to outdoor heating that’s as easy to use as the flick of a switch. Impress and delight guests with a gas burner made to fit your outdoor setting, and welcome the winter with the warmth of a gas burner.

Jetmaster Gas Burners can be powered by either Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG) and come in two unique styles. The linear burner is 1050 mm by 300 mm and is equipped with a 72 Mj burner. Ideally suited for placement along walls and facades, it can be fitted within a Jetmaster prefabricated zero clearance fireplace that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The round burner is 500 mm in diameter and suited as a centerpiece to an outdoor setting or seating pit. Keep the conversation going well into the night or toast marshmallows and stare at the stars.

Both units are built with high grade stainless steel and feature glass guards as standard. Conveniently designed to run on two D size batteries both can easily be adapted to run off a standard 240V power outlet. Jetmaster Gas Burners will also attempt to reignite if wind causes the flame to go out, with a shut down failsafe after 12 seconds if reignition is not possible.

You’ll also love the portability that comes with gas burners, particularly the round burner which can be repositioned to new spaces around the property so you can continue to create the perfect ambience as seasons and events change.

New Jetmaster Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor heating with style and elegance

New to the Jetmaster range, the Outdoor Fireplace is perfect for heating any outdoor space, from the patio to the front verandah. Made with stainless steel burners and Wave Pattern Ceramic Board to perfectly insulate the firebox, it represents the latest in industrial design and manufacture.

Because this outdoor fireplace is flueless it’s ideal for larger spaces, outdoor entertaining areas and big backyards. Constructed with a Zero Clearance Box made of galvanised steel, the front lip of the burner is wide enough to suit most standard house bricks. The fireplace comes with a protective screen and standard and the ceramic boarding is waterproofed and built to withstand the outdoor elements.

You’ll love the Jetmaster Outdoor Fireplace if you’re looking to add that signature heating element to your outdoor setting. Keep the summer months going all year round and enjoy the beauty of the Australian outdoors deep into autumn (and maybe even winter) with a stylish outdoor fireplace. You’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood.