Is there anything that says “Australian summer” more than a BBQ? From the mateship of getting family and friends around a BBQ for lunch or dinner, to the parties and celebrations that make barbequed shrimps or sausages the centerpiece of the event, the Aussie BBQ experience is ingrained into the imaginations and memories of just about every Australian.

Finding the right BBQ – one that will cook everything that you want it to, and be reliable over many, many years – is important. There’s nothing worse than hosting a BBQ party only to discover the BBQ isn’t working properly, or isn’t able to cook up everyone’s favourite dishes. Over the years Jetmaster has built up an extensive range of BBQ options to cover every Australian family’s tastes and needs.

LEX Series

Jetmaster-Barbeque Collection2

The stunning LEX series is for people who want to have it all. With both a high quality stainless steel grill, as well as all the modern features that can be packed into a BBQ, including rear and side burners, ice buckets and cutting boards, the LEX series is designed for people who like to use their BBQ to entertain. From a dinner for two through to a large group, this series of BBQs can easily and effortlessly manage any cooking load – no one needs to wait on their food being ready.

To further emphasise its sheer convenience, the LEX Series BBQs also come with LED backlit control knobs, making the BBQ easy to use outdoor, at night, and in poor lighting. No more rushing to get everyone’s meat cooked up before the sun goes down!

Charcoal Kettle

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The very traditional Australian approach to BBQing is the Charcoal Kettle, and the grill that Jetmaster carries has been selected for sheer ease of use and cooking perfection. Give your food the wonderful smoked scent using wood chips, water or both with the charcoal, and pick a size grill that suits you; whether that’s a large grill for entertaining a family, or a small one that’s just right for home cooking for two.

Our Charcoal Kettle designs are selected for their safe operation; with handles that are easy to use without risking burns or heat. Additionally, the smaller form factor of these BBQs makes them easy to move around, and have sturdy wheels and bases to help you get your BBQ to a camping site, or anywhere else in the great outdoors. These BBQs come in two models; the PRO22K Professional Charcoal Kettle for people who take their BBQing really seriously, and the NK22CK-C and NK22CKL which are designed around convenience, mobility and ease of use.

Portable Gas Grill

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If you want to take your BBQ with you, the Napoleon TravelQ PRO285 Portable Gas Grill is the way to go. Compact and lightweight, but still large enough to cook up to 20 burgers at once, this is the perfect companion to take with you on camping or park trips. Additionally, the cast iron WAVE™ cooking grids are not only anti-rust, but they retain heat, helping you to cook the food perfectly evenly.

With folding legs for even easier movability and storage, the portable gas grill is designed with Australian conditions in mind; the idea of being able to use this BBQ anywhere and at any time will surely appeal to the Australian’s love of getting outdoors and exploring through the long summer.

Portable Gas Grill With Scissor Cart

Jetmaster-Barbeque Collection6

The ultimate in portable BBQing, the TravelQ TQ285X Portable Gas Grill folds down to the size of a small suitcase, and is as easy to cart around as one too. Despite the impeccably small form factor, you’re not compromising on quality with this BBQ, as it has every feature you could possibly want for delicious cooking anywhere, anytime.

The TravelQ has a windproof design for cooking outdoors, and heats quickly thanks to its dual stainless steel burners. In combination with the Napoleon Smoker Pipe, it can also function as a smoker. Despite its slim form factor, the cooking face of the grill itself is sufficient to cook 20 hamburgers at once, and because it heats quickly and the grill retains heat easily, people won’t need to be waiting long for their dinner.

This all sets up in just seconds and folds away after use just as quickly.

Outdoor Wood BBQ

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Why not make the BBQ the centrepiece of your outdoor setting? Install this gorgeous outdoor fireplace onto your patio or entertainment area, and guests can enjoy the warmth and aesthetics of an open fire all year long.

Then, when you want to BBQ, simply place the hot plate insert over it. With plenty of room to cater to a good-sized group, this is the most distinctive and interesting approach to BBQing there is, and the way that a wood flame enhances the flavour of food is something that your guests will not forget anytime soon.

The fireplace itself has also been designed to be low maintenance and easy to clean, and when you’re done cooking, removing the hotplate to clean it could not be easier. Because we can easily customise the fireplace to suit your outdoor setting, it will be very easy to create something that matches your home’s decor, and draws a crowd whenever you have guests over.

Fire up the barbie today

Nothing beats enjoying a delicious barbequed meal on a hot summer night with the family. To ensure you don’t miss out this summer, contact Jetmaster to discuss your barbeque needs.