The Red 40 combines the feature of natural convection heat with the system of direct heat transfer. Heat movement is not straight forward, literally, it can get trapped in all parts of the house and can get sucked out or up without the slightest provocation.


Direct heat transfer systems bypass this problem, they control where the heat ends up and can be arranged to prioritise those stubborn cold areas. The RED40 Series will heat up to 100-120m2, and can have up to two Heat Zone Vents, which can run up to 10 meters from the fire.


Because the convected heat generated by the fire (which usually vents from the top of the fire), is now being redirected to vents, you are not required to build a shelf or mantel above the fire, separating the fire from a TV. The RED40 still produces radiant heat, so it’s not completely heat free, you can still sit in front of the fire watch a movie and feel warm, whilst the vents work at heating your whole house or living/dinning/kitchen.


Radiant heat does not rise initially, it projects like a ray, where as convection heat will not project forwards, but rather upwards. You don’t want your TV to be exposed to direct heat, this can cause all sorts of complications, and convection heat is direct heat to the TV as it rises straight away. But radiant heat doesn’t, keeping your TV safe. The RED40 is the perfect combination of the real immediate feel of warmth, with the practicality and efficiency of convection heat, all uncompromising to the design.