The RED40 Series is impressive for its lengthy horizontal flue runs, easy install, and heat zone vents. The RED40 because of its lengthy horizontal and vertical flue runs, can be installed into a variety of internal and external walls, cabinetry or joinery, or into a structurally complicated part of the house, without the need for power flues.

Within the Heat N Glo range, the maximum length you could run a horizontal flue used to be 5.79 meters (6000TRSI), until now, the RED40 allows you to run a horizontal flue up to 7.315 meters. If you’ve ever worked with flue runs then you’ll understand how delicate they can be when it comes to complex installations. The more elbows (right angle bends) the less width.

The Red 40 only vents from the top, if you require to go straight out the back of an external wall you will need to go vertically at least 305mm. This is a standard measurement before attaching any elbow
(45 or 90).


One Elbow (horizontal termination) –


If you’re going to top vent with only one elbow – most common scenario you’re installing on an internal wall on the first storey or a two storey house. You run the flue vertically till it hits the ceiling space then across till you can get to an external wall. In this case you can travel up to 7315mm in your ceiling space, but you must go 2438mm vertically.


In this table you can figure out what minimum height (V­­1) you need to get the maximum length (H1)


First Table
See Figure 1.1


Two Elbows (horizontal termination or vertical) –


Venting with two 90 degree elbows is great if you need to go around a corner, cabinetry, room, pillar, or staircase. You can cover a maximum of 7.1 meters (3658 mm x 2 flues) in horizontal length with this style of flueing, and a maximum of 12.1 meters vertically. No matter which product you compare the RED40 to, for two and three elbow flueing, none of them come close to the distances (most of them being around a total maximum length of 3-4 meters).


In this table you can figure out what minimum height (V­­1) you need to get the maximum length (H1)


Second Table
See Figure 1.2 (Vertical Termination) and Figure 1.3 (Horizontal Termination)


Three Elbows (horizontal or vertical termination) –


Three elbows has similar specifications to the two elbow figures. The total maximum horizontal run is 7.1 meters, except individually the maximum flue run is 4572mm horizontally, this breaks down as one horizontal run of 4572mm and another of 2528mm. The total like the two elbow scenario is also 19.2m, which gives you again 12.1 meters of vertical flueing, ample room to get your fireplace into a tight spot. Three elbow flueing is great for installs into complicated internal walls.


In this table you can figure out what minimum height (V­­1) you need to get the maximum length (H1)


Third Table
See Figure 1.4 (Horizontal Termination) and Figure 1.5 (Vertical Termination)


Figure 1.1


Figure 1.2


Figure 1.3


Figure 1.4


Figure 1.5