Fireplaces are a lovely addition to any home, and can add great appeal to the living room or bedroom during those cold wintery nights. But with summer well and truly here, what do you do with your fireplace now that it’s not in use?

Well, there are many ways you can still utilise a fireplace without needing to heat the house up in the process. You could include it as part of the room’s decor, or even block it out completely to look like there was never a fireplace to begin with.

Here are some of our favourite ideas to spruce up your fireplace during hot summer months.


A lot of us have small items and homewares that just don’t seem to conveniently fit anywhere. They either end up in the garden or in a very inconvenient area of the room. During summer, the fireplace makes for a great place to store those bric-a-bracs that you seem to have no room for anywhere else. Not only does the fireplace provide excellent shelving to line up your favourite little pieces, it also makes bric-a-bracs immediately visible to the eye, adding another feature to your room.

Glass logs

To make the fireplace still appear functional, you can decorate the cleaned out inside of your fireplace with glass ‘wooden’ logs. These are logs that have been molded from actual wooden logs, but are made from glass. They are a little pricey but make a great talking point with guests. Furthermore, they look stylish, neat, and elegant in any fireplace.


If you’re a booklover, you should be jumping at the chance to DIY makeover your fireplace – it would make the perfect bookshelf. All that’s needed are some shelves installed inside the fireplace. You can use rustic wooden panels or clean, crisp, white shelving depending on what look you’re after. You can use whatever shelves you like to create the look that you love. Soon enough, you’ll have a whole new bookshelf for your most treasured books.

Stacking wood

Many of us end up with a bunch of wooden logs left over after winter that just never got used. A great way to keep them together and ensure they don’t get damp from being outside is to stack them directly inside the fireplace. With the log ends facing outside, stacking them inwards will give your home that subtle, comforting wintery feel all year round. The wood will be in a safe place, won’t get wet in a sun shower, and will look great stacked neatly where it belongs.

Candle centrepiece

Why not continue with the wintery theme and create a candle display in the fireplace? Without having to light the fireplace completely, you still have the option of lighting a few candles if there’s a special occasion that would benefit from a little atmosphere. Not only will your candles look great in the fireplace, it’s also a safe option with the candles being in an area that’s already relatively fireproof.

Floral vases

Spruce up the room with flowers and colourful vases. A cleaned out fireplace makes a great spot to showcase those beautiful summer flowers. Whether you have one large vase or many small vases full of blooms, the colour and scent will be a great attraction to the unused fireplace.


For a quick way to make your room look bigger, place a large mirror along the back of the fireplace. Mirrors in the home have an automatic effect of making a room seem larger than its actual size. Having a mirror in the fireplace, even if only a small one, will indeed give the illusion that your room is larger

Room dividers

Not a fan of using the fireplace at all? Not a problem. Fireplaces can be hidden and covered away by placing small room dividers or wicker baskets inside the fireplace. If placed properly, these can block the fireplace completely and keep it out of the way without the hassle of having the fireplace removed. The mantle can still be used for decorative purposes. This is a great idea for those with young kids who might wreak havoc in an otherwise empty fireplace.

Decor logs

If you can’t afford the glass logs we mentioned earlier, you could paint some old logs you have lying around and don’t need. Using acrylic paints, colour the logs however you like, and use them to decorate the space and bring some extra zazz to your room. You can even colour coordinate the logs with the rest of your room, cushions, curtains, walls, or furniture.

Reposition the room

Not using the fireplace means you can use the space in front of it again. Remember, now that the fireplace is not in use, furniture can sit in front of it with no harm done. You can rearrange your whole room and create extra space where needed.