Slow Combustion Insert




Designed to heat large areas up to 220 square meters, the Kemlan and Quadrafire slow combustion heaters use convected and radiant heat to circulate hot air around your room.


A warm, safe alternative to a conventional open brick fireplace, the Super Nova provides more than five times the heat with a lower rate of wood consumption. It features a large door opening and deep firebox to allow large pieces of wood to be easily loaded for long burn times. The Super Nova insert is flexible in its design options and can be installed with a traditional full fascia and mantle or a simple modern trim for a clean finish. This fire allows you to enjoy the impressive heating capacity and efficiency of a slow combustion fire and the style and ambience of a traditional open wood fire.


The Versatile with its angled back allows for installation into shallow or difficult fireplace recesses. Both the Versatile and Insert have an adjustable fascia front allowing for installation into fireplaces with depths of only 300mm.


The Voyageur Grand is the latest wood-burning insert from Quadra-Fire. It harnesses proven technology to achieve long, clean burns and powerful heat production. Heavy duty cast iron construction and accelerated lifecycle testing make the Voyageur Grand a rugged heating option.