Add value to your home




You can try selling a house, but it’s easier to sell a home, and nothing creates a sense of home like a fireplace.

A fireplace turns houses and apartments into homes. It binds family and friends by creating a central unification point. People will gather around the fire and feel at home whether enjoying a chat, a book or a glass of red.

When switched on, it’s a beautiful mesmerising feature. It will undoubtedly help entice people to picture life in the home, thus assisting them in their purchasing decision process.

Fireplaces can give you a competitive edge over other homes, both in terms of a superior product offering and an increased revenue stream.

Our incredible range of fireplaces caters to a wide range of needs and budgets. They all come with a quality assurance, meaning the new homeowners can take comfort knowing the fireplace will stand the test of time.

Jetmaster is committed to ensure everything is streamlined and stress-free. We make the ordering process as easy as possible. We also have a dedicated service team enabling excellent customer service and after sales support.

Fireplaces are proven to increase the average home’s appraisal value.